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Amla Mouth Freshner

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Health Basket Amla Mouth freshener is a natural & healthy way to feel fresh all day. The perfect alternative to Pan Supari & Chewing gum. Health Basket Amla Mouth Freshener not only keeps the gums & teeth healthy but also aids in effective digestion.

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leaf Refreshes mouth & mind
leaf Removes bad breath
leaf Digestive supplement
leaf Prevents stomatitis & gingivitis
leaf Reduces acidity
  Fat 1g
 Cholesterol 1g
  Sodium 5mg
  Corbohydrates 20g
  Dietary Fibre 5g
  Sugar 11g
  Protein 1g
  Vitamin A 15%
  Vitamin C 2%
  Energy 4%
  Calcium 2%
  Potassium 8%
leaf Amla
leaf Sugar
leaf Fennel seeds
leaf Cardamom
leaf Mint & Citric Acid (E- 330)
leaf No artificial colours or flavours
leaf Permitted quantity class II
leaf Preservatives added (E-211)