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Amla Pearl Candy

Healthy Nourishing Snack & Immunity Booster

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Health Basket Amla Pearl Candy yields utmost advantage when included in one’s daily diet or meal. Amla benefits and helps to build immunity due to its high Vitamin C content aids in increasing hemoglobin levels, purifying blood and fighting against radicals causing ageing. Amla Pearl Preserve aids digestion and cures acidity its best source for luminous hair.

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 Improves eye sight esp. in children
  Prevents cold & cough
  Controls nausea
  Reduces biliousness
  Immune Booster
  Cell rejuvenator
  Eases stomach disorders
  Total Fat 0%
  Vitamin C 145mg
  Total Carbohydrate 79%
  Protein 0.62%
  Energy 319 Kcal.
leaf Amla
leaf Sugar
leaf Citric Acid (E-330)
leaf No artificial colours or flavours
leaf Permitted quantity class II
leaf Preservatives added (E-211)
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