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Mudakatran Soup

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Reduces joint pain and neuro problems also relief from constipation and body pain

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Health Basket Mudakatran soup or Balloon vine soup suited for treating problems related to joint pain, strengthening nerves, promoting hair growth and brings relief from diarrhea. Mudakataran soup benefits women’s health and can also be used by pregnant women and children.

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leaf Reduce joint pain and body pain.
leaf Provide relife from constipation
leaf Treat neuro problems
leaf Total Fat 5.97g
leaf  Dietary Fibre 13.79g
leaf Carbohydrate 68.78g
leaf Protein 11.09g
leaf Energy 370.81kacl
leaf  Calcium 359.25mg
leaf Iron 7.01mg
leaf Balloon Vines
leaf Thai Ginger
leaf Indian Ginseng
leaf Jathipathri
leaf Pepper
leaf Corn
leaf Cardamom
leaf Cloves
leaf Add a spoon of Health Basket Mudakatran Soup powder to 100ml of water.
leaf Boil for 5mins.
leaf Suggested to garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.
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