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Organic Jaggery Powder-500g

Jaggery Powder helps to

Treat Cough and cold
Aid in Digestion
Improve Immune Function
Prevent Constipation
Purify Blood
Cleanse the liver

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Health Basket Organic Jaggery Powder - a natural organic sweetener produced in the most purest and natural way. When it comes to quality, we use only the fully qualified, matured sugarcane which is completely chemical free with hygienic benefits (without any traces of mud or salt). Health Basket Organic Jaggery Powder, as the name reflects is a strong immunity booster and it is extremely relishing product enhancing your health and overall well being. Tastes good with beverages.

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  Helps to treat Cough and cold
 Helps to aid in Digestion
 Helps to improve Immune Function
 Helps to prevent Constipation
 Helps to purify Blood
 Helps to cleanse the liver
  Energy 382 Kcal
  Protein 1.08gm
  Carbohydrate 97.50gm
  Iron 5mg
  Calcium 92mg
  Sugar 96.42gm
  Potassium 176mg
  Magnesium 30mg
  Phosphorus 176mg
  Moisture 0.85gm
  Fat 0.01gm