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Slim Fit Juice

Be actively slim naturally

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Health Basket Slim Fit Juice drink when added to your diet, burns excessive accumulative fats and helps in maintaining fit physic keeping one’s body healthy and promotes activities related to weight loss. It also boosts iron and calcium properties, effective for those affected by the deficiency. Health basket slim fit juice drink keeps weight gain in control without causing any hormonal imbalance.

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 Controls overweight and obesity
 Makes the body lighter and fit
 Optimizes hemoglobin level
 Helps weight reduction without hormonal imbalance
 Prevents loss of vigor and strength
 Keeps body weight in control without any side effects
  Prevents iron and calcium deficiency
  Releases energy by stimulating cellular metabolism
  Calories 6 Calories from Fat 0
  Total Fat 0%
  Cholesterol 0%
  Sodium 15mg 1%
  Total Carbohydrate 1g 0.3%
  Protein 100mg 0.5%
  Energy 1%
  Calcium 1%
  Iron 5%
  Potassium 1%
leaf Horse Gram
leaf Black Cumin
leaf Indian Gooseberry
leaf Bottle Gourd
leaf Bermuda Grass
leaf Senna Alexandrina
leaf Black Pepper
leaf Indian Coral Tree
leaf Tanner’s Cassia
leaf Plantain Stem
leaf Malabar Tamarind

 How: Take a cup of water and mix preferred amount of Health Basket’s Slim Fit Juice. Shake well and ensure it has completely dissolved without residues.

 When: Have Health Basket’s Slim Fit Juice twice a day for better results. Consume it on an empty stomach every morning and evening.

 Whom & How much: For adults: Preferred amount of Health Basket’s Slim Fit Juice is 0.6 - 1 fl oz. (20-30) ml for a cup of water. Not suggested for children.

 Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid natural chemical processes like oxidation. Refrigerate the pack after use and consume within 30 days once opened.

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