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Thirikadugam Karuppati Coffee

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Thirikadugam Karuppati Coffee

Health Basket Thirikadugam Karuppati Coffee is a mix of three ingredients Sukku (Dried Ginger), Milagu (Pepper) Thippili (Long Pepper) and Jaggery. The instant coffee mix strengthens the digestive system provides relief from cold, fever and regulates the metabolism of the body

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 Active in nature
 Benefits Liver, Spleen & Pancreas
 Produce enzymes from stomach
 Helps in digestion
 Favours respiratory system
 Improves digestive strength
 Good for skin defects
 Benefits running nose
 Treats seasonal Allergies
 Aids throat disorders
leaf Pepper
leaf Long Pepper
leaf Dry Ginger
leaf  Karuppati
  Take 1 teaspoon of coffee powder, mix it with hot water and drink it.
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