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Thoothuvalai Soup

Treats dry cough and cold effectively and best relief for asthma and thyroid

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Health Basket Thootuvalai soup or Solanum Trilobatum soup with its natural antibacterial and antifungal property dissolves tonsils a remedy for asthma, prevention of cancer, relieves stomach aches improves the functioning of the liver and lungs. Thoutuvalai soup benefits common cold and cough occurring seasonally relieving blocked nose, sore throat and throat inflammation. It also dispels stomach disorders curing gastric problems. One pack of soup offers 10 servings.

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 Treats dry cough and cold
 Control thyroid effectively
 Providerelief for asthma and Sinus
  Total Fat 5.32g
  Dietary Fibre 13.68g
  Total Carbohydrate 69.51mg
  Protein 10.33g
  Energy 367.24kcal
  Calcium 353.32mg
  Iron 7.89mg
leaf Solanum Trilobatum
leaf Thai Ginger
leaf Indian Ginseng
leaf Jathipathri
leaf Pepper
leaf Corn/td>
leaf Cardamom
leaf Cloves
  Add a spoon of Health Basket Thoothuvalai Soup powder to 100ml of water.
  Boil for 5mins.
  Suggested to garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.
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